What you need to know

For Health Care Providers, the TC SMP offers skills building and mentorship opportunities in influencing patient behaviour change through The Institute for Healthcare Communication's Choices and Changes Program. TC SMP offers training to equip health care providers with opportunities to explore their own beliefs about influecing patient behaviour change and provide them with specific, brief and efficient communication strategies that can be utilized within the constraints of a typical office visit.

Workshops are either 4.5 or 6 hours in length. Registration and attendance is free and TC SMP provides light breakfast and lunch for the attendees.

Trained health care professionals will facilitate these workshops and using evidence-based material help you identify your personal conviction and confidence in facilitating self-management and behaviour change in patients with chronic illness. You will also learn to intervene and support self-management and behaviour change in patients with chronic illness.

TC SMP, by way of offering this excellent educational workshop, believes that effective provider-patient communication improves health outcomes. We recognize that demonstration, practice, and reflection takes time. However, we want to support you in this process and hope you will avail yourself of the opportunity by attending one of our upcoming workshops.