About Us

Welcome to Choose Health - Toronto Central

Choose Health - Toronto Central, is an outcome of the Ontario Diabetes Strategy funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Our goal is to provide FREE education and skills training workshops to providers as well as individuals living with chronic conditions in self-management.

Hosted by South Riverdale Community Health Center, we support delivery of a variety of self-management workshops for community members living with chronic conditions. We also work with health care providers by offering FREE workshops that improve health care communication between providers and patients with the goal of engendering self-management skills in patients with chronic conditions.

As a program, for community based workshops, we have focused in working with partners in the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. To learn more about our strategy, please click here. To learn about our organizational strategic plan and values that drives this work please click here.

To support provider-training, we have successfully provided health-communication courses to allied healthcare providers working in a team in institutions across the TC LHIN region. 

We also offer innovative coaching experience for providers and patrons of health services for their ongoing learning and engagement in promoting self-care practices within the TC LHIN region. 

To reach us, kindly email smp@srchc.com or call 416-572-3767. 

We look forward to working with you to empower one another to choose health in the Toronto Central LHIN region.